Quality is our foremost priority. We take stringent steps in our production process to ensure consistently impeccable products to all our customers.

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018

The Scope of this approval is applicable to:

Development and Manufacturer of Chemical products Which are
– Mineral Feed additive such as Copper Sulphate. TBCC (Tribasic Copper Chloride)
– Water & Waste Water Treatment such as Ferric Chloride
– Chemicals used for PCB Industry

Standard System Development Policies

Due to the fact that Asian Chemical Co., Ltd. has been certified for its management for many consecutive years, the management team has agreed that ACC should apply for other standard certificate in order to develop the company and improve its competitiveness.

From the aforementioned policy, the company has set its operation and communication policies to develop all standard systems as following:
1) Strictly adhere to the ISO 9001 and TIS 2391-2008 (FeCl3) as well as maintain the qualities of products, services, punctualities, relevance, and customers’ satisfaction.
2) Reduce the environmental impacts that might arise from activities, plannings, and operations by strictly adhering to the ISO 14001 and Green Industry standards as well as efficiently using the resources, focusing on communication with the communities, clients, environmental projects, and compliance with environmental laws.
3) The Company is determined to minimize hazards, injuries, sicknesses, and spread of diseases by incorporating counseling and participation of employees including compliance with laws regarding safety and occupational health and working environment according to the ISO 45001 requirements.
4) To adhere to GMP, HACCP, and FAMI-QS standards; maintain reliable the quality and safety of products to meet client’s expectations and relevant laws; prioritize prevention of fraud and adulteration that might affect the product quality and safety whether intentional or not; and to adhere to our motto:

“ Leader of Premium Quality & Feed Safety Product”

5) To study about energy management system according to ISO 50001 standards and its application.
6) To deliver as set in KPI. 80% of the targets must be met.
7) To acquire PSM (Production Safety Management) regarding production safety within 2023. The Company is determined to continuously improve its various system and would like to ask for cooperation from each tier of its employees to practice rigorously to achieve the set goal.

Declared on 1 March 2022


GMP Code : AC 02-23-09999-01540001-006
HACCP Code : AC 02-24-09999-07560009-006
– Scope : Animal feed supplement (Mineral)

FAMI-QS Code : 44 298 131385
Of the following activity(ies) and scope


Code : TH-EP-14-000050  By The Federation of Thai industries